Chemtrails (geoengineering) and Conspiracy Theories

chemtrail deesYou look up at the deep blue sky and later see massive streaks, a white haze, and a dimming sun.

“Chemtrails,” you say. usafSo your friends now call you a “conspiracy theorist” (implying you’re a nut case as this site does) even if the Carnegie Institute wants to cool the earth with chemtrails (geoengineering).

Fair enough. This is what the military-industrial elite owners want people to believe. They don’t want you to think critically. They want “obedient workers” just smart enough to run the machines and pay taxes. And that’s what they’re getting if you’re not asking questions.

Of course, chemtrails is not a conspiracy. It is current reality. “Persistent contrails” (the ‘scientific’  word for chemtrails) are fully operational now and the word “chemtrails” itself is used by the US Airforce Academy (see USAFA 1990 “Chemtrails” training manual at chemtrails-chemistry-manual-usaf-academy-1990).

Good news: If you’re a “conspiracy theorist” you are more tolerant and knowledgeable than clueless “government dupes.”

Relax and watch this GeoEngineering video:


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