Nelson Mandela: From Terrorist to Saint In A Few Short Years

What hypocrites our “democracy” political masters are! They came from all over the world to praise this dead Mossad-trained communist terrorist. Nelson Mandela was no more than a  Zionist-controlled puppet.

This so-called “gentle person” engaged in terrorist bombings and had majority support for his ruthlessness from his Zionist friends who openly declared:

[T]he great majority of white South Africans involved in “the struggle” were Jewish. Many were Communists.

The Mandelas were known for their beastly brutality against Blacks and Whites through bombings and “necklacing.” Such acts are not from a “gentle man” but from a psychopathic killer. He will rot in hell, together with his famous “necklacer”—the infamous “fake signer“—when the grim reaper finally arrives for him.

More here, here and here.


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